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Family vacations are supposed to be a fun and memorable experience but lets face it, sometimes theme parks and attractions are much less thrilling than the appear. It's a damper on anyones day to wait in long lines and be completely let down after it's your turn.Not only are you disappointed but you feel like you wasted your time and money.With all the water parks out therethey all seem the same,but Aquatica is unlike any other attraction out there,it combines the beauty and wonder of SeaWorld and it's awesome animals with a fun and family oriented adventure water park. There's something for everyone whether you want to sit back and relax in the warm Florida sun or experience the thrills of an adreneline pumped water ride that send you right through the underwater world of exotic dolphins. It's no surprise that Aquatica has become a prime family vacation hot spot. Why not treat you and your family to this fun and memorable getaway with one of our Discount Aquatica Tickets.

Islands of Adventure

If you're the sort of vacationer looking for that fun-filled family adventure, look no further than

Ripley's Believe It or Not

When you hear or read the name "Ripley" you automatically think weird, strange, and unusual.That is exactly what you will discover at this "odditorium" .The famous Robert Ripley dedicated his life to traveling around the world for over 4 decades to collect such out of the ordinary and shocking mysteries to broaden the human mind and understanding . This museum contains not only a vast treasure of wonders that will make you question what is real and if you can believe it or not, but a man's amazing life work. It's definately worth the visit, so on your next family vacation to beautiful Orlando, stop by and experience the awesomeness with one of our Discount Ripley's Tickets.

Disney World

See, hear, feel, experience, and love the magic of Disney World Theme Parks. In Orlando, we have the advantage of being able to visit this exciting park whenever we want, but we know never to pay full price. So visit the local way by using Cheap Disney Tickets to get in. In fact, most people know Orlando because of Disney World. While It is near Orlando, Disney Land is actually located in a smaller town on the outskirts of Orlando called Kissimmee. You'll probably want to get a rental car for your vacation too.

Now that you've taken advantage of the great discounts, let's think about what you're going to get for the price. In short, fun and excitement are going to be closer to you than your best friend in high school. At Disney World your dreams come to life and the magic envelops your inner child. With over 7 themed parks Disney World in Orlando is a goliath of entertainment. Epcot, Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom, Downtown Disney, DisneyQuest, Wide World of Sports Complex, and Disney's two water parks, Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon. All of these parks have their own discounts and own feel for fun.

At Epcot, visitors learn about other cultures as they walk through a myriad of pavilions from different countries like Austria, Germany, France, Spain, China, Australia, and many more. Magic Kingdom is where all your favorite characters live. All the major characters have their own homes and bungalows within the grounds of the park such as Minnie's Garden, and Mickey's House. Here, all the characters make regular visits to several points in the park and interract with guests. Hollywood Studios is where the magic happens, so to speak, on the big screen. Movies in 3D, and interractive films put the audience into the action, suspense, drama, and fun. Strap into a chair and ride into your imagination. Animal Kingdom is much like a Safari with the animals living in free roaming zones. Guests are welcome to get up close and personal with much of the wildlife inside.

Downtown Disney is where many of the evening festivities take place and is also a place for adults to enjoy themselves for a bit. The most popular spot in Downtown Disney is Pleasure Island, practically a haunt for the fun-seeker over 15. DisneyQuest, the virtual park, is a section reserved for people to live in their imagination literally. With several virtual reality pods and tons of extra activities designed to encourage imagination, this is the park younger children will remember for years. The Wide World of Sports is a wide world indeed at the Disney Complex which educates visitors on the history, development, and modern rules and facets of plenty of popular sports as well as some you've probably never heard of. The Water parks of Disney are the best Water parks to visit when in season. Given water, warm weather, and a bright sunny day, I'd rather be nowhere other than Blizzard Beach or Typhoon Lagoon. Sporting lots of slides between the two and hundreds of thousands of gallons of water flowing daily, you'd be hardpressed not to get wet at one.

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