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Cunard Luxury Cruises

"The Most Famous Ocean Lines in the World"

Known for their royal treatment of guests, Cunard Luxury Cruises is for the elite of elites. They travel across the globe at all times picking up and dropping off international high society figures. One of which, could be you. Guests that step onboard one of their three ships, the Queen Mary 2, the Queen Elizabeth 2, and the Queen Victoria travelling anywhere and across any ocean will be treated to day and night royal attention. Be sure to contact a great travel agency such as Total Destination to get the best price on a your cruise.

The Queen Mary 2

Awarded, "Best Luxury Cruise Ship" from 2004-2007 by Travel Weekly, the Queen Mary 2 is a sight to behold. Over twice as long as the Washington Monument is tall, this ship is a massive. It can hold a maximum capacity of 3056 guests and houses the only Planetarium at sea! Not only that, but it is also the only ship carrying the prestigious Canyon Ranch Spa Club. "The grandest, most magnificent ocean liner ever" taken from their site falls short of expressing just how spectacular this cruise liner is. Capable of transatlantic voyages, guests will be capable of taking full advantage of the onboard Cultural Enrichment Programme as well as the dedicated kennel for their pets. The kennel is well staffed and dedicated to walking, feeding, caring for any pets you desire to bring with you. That means you don't have to make sitting arrangements for your valued family pet.

The Queen Elizabeth 2

Comissioned in 1967, the Queen Elizabeth 2 will be succeeded by the Queen Elizabeth in 2010. The Queen Elizabeth 2 deserves to be mentioned however for what it stands for. To Cunard, the ship has been a beacon of prestige and quality. When it came to its final port in New York, many dignitarie, the queen, and her US consults all boarded for a special dinner. Then the ship was seen off by a New York fireboat as the ship and the Queen Mary 2 sounded their horns as they exit.

The new ship, the Queen Elizabeth will be the second largest ship in the fleet following the Queen Mary 2. The ship will cost around $993 million and will carry up to 2092 passengers. It will feature all the amenities that make the other Cunard ships famous and will uphold the elegant and regal name. Cunard is eager to unveil what they have planned for this new craft but we will have to wait until 2010 to get the rest of the information.

The Queen Victoria

The brand new ship, the Queen Victoria, is at just one year old and is dropping jaws around the world. The goal, to bring British tradition and modern high life together seemlessly is beautifully accomplished onboard. She has a guest capacity of 2,000 passengers and over seventy percent feature a balcony. But perhaps the most stunning feature of the ship is the Royal Court Theatre. A massive theatre inside the ship which actually has unobstructed private boxes for patrons so that they can more perfectly see the show. A voyage aboard this beauty is to be remembered and shared with everyone.

Transatlantic and Mediterranean Voyages

Typically 6-8 days with varying days at sea, the Transatlantic and Mediterranean trips are an excellent way to have a week's vacation without dedicating too much time being away. Spend just enough time to get relaxed and enjoy yourself without getting used to the laid back style of living in a vacation. Being the most popular form of voyage, the staff is ready to assist you in every way during your stay and is always prepared to go the extra mile to make your trip all the more pleasurable. During your stay, there are plenty of things to do and occupy your time. Have afternoon tea, eat any number of exotic foods, visit the computer centre, get a massage at the spa, or simply relax on the balcony. No matter what you decide to do, you'll be happy to know you can do it relaxed and catered to by the staff.

North Europe, USA, and Canada

If you want an Affordable Cunard Luxury Cruise call Total Destination at the number above. Although less frequent than the transatlantic voyages the days away from Northern Europe and USA and Canada are every bit as enjoyable. If you are sailing in the UK, you can spend as much as a month simply enjoying yourself onboard the ship. As for the USA and Canada trips, you can do everything that the transatlantic trips do. Don't worry about time since every moment is to be enjoyed as much as the last and anticipated as much as the next. Let your worries roll on past and push aside all your inhibitions. You're onboard to relax and live life to the fullest.

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